£11bn 'to be withdrawn in December'

ATMGareth Fuller/PA Wire/Press Association Images

More than £11 billion is forecast to be withdrawn from the UK's cash machines during December, equating to more than £41,000 per second.

Sainsbury's Bank predicts a 1.3% rise in cash withdrawals compared with December last year to reach a total of £11.1 billion, due to an increased number of ATMs across the country, resulting in increased accessibility.
The predictions were based on analysis of past ATM usage which was provided by Link cash machines.

Researchers believe there will be around 161 million withdrawals over the month - representing an increase of more than a million withdrawals compared with last year.

Sainsbury's Bank expects Friday December 21 to be the busiest day for cash withdrawals, as the Friday before Christmas is traditionally the peak day as shoppers rush to buy last-minute gifts.

The bank expects to dispense around £850 million from its own machines in December, from more than 12 million cash withdrawals.

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