Top five 1970s motoring milestones

Top five 1970s motoring milestonesVolkswagen

It might not compare favourably to the oft-rose tinted memories of the style-driven, 'swinging' sixties, but the 1970s aren't to be overlooked when it comes to automotive achievements.

For a start, Ford launched the now omnipresent Fiesta - a car that opened the brand up to a whole new range of buyers, and got more Britons on the move.
And, of course, we mustn't forget perhaps the model hailed by many as the greatest car ever built - the Range Rover. The technology used to build it might be a million miles away from what we're used to today, but the brand new model owes a massive debt of gratitude to the original.

We even had an invasion from Peugeot - buying up Chrysler's Coventry-based plant, they went on to produce a whole manner of different French-designed models in this country.

Motorways continued to take over our landscape, too - with Leeds in West Yorkshire even calling its self 'Motorway City of the 70s' as its inner ring road was completed.

To give the unloved 1970s a bit of an extra boost, we've come up with the top motoring milestones of the decade, and condensed them down to a list of just five.

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Top five 1970s motoring milestones
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Top five 1970s motoring milestones

Turbocharging is largely ignored these days - almost all engines are fitted with one - but back in the 70s, things weren't quite the same.

The 2002 was the first car to be available with a turbo - kick starting a trend for 'turbo' boasting that's still around today. 

It's easy to forget that Peugeot used to produce cars in this country, but perhaps we shouldn't.

The French firm bought the European arm of Chrysler back in the 70s, and with it came the Ryton plant near Coventry.

From there, they made cars like the 405 and 206 right up until 2006, when it closed.

The Fiesta is to Britain what accordion music is to a French film - largely unnoticed, but utterly vital.

There have been so many iterations of Fiestas that it may be hard to remember this 1970s model, but the basic, popular formula remains the same in today's best selling supermini.

The 1970s saw the birth of the Range Rover - a true go-anywhere, with anyone on board machine.

If you needed further proof, none other than the Queen was a fan - in fact she had several of them.

There's still some debate about which car maker truly produced the first hot hatch, but we're placing our bets on VW. 

The first generation GTi appeared in 1976, and it was such great fun that many still don't think it's been bettered today.

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