Video: Drunk driver ploughs into pub at 60mph

Video: Drunk driver ploughs into pub at 60mphYouTube

What's the best way to combat drink driving? Rigid enforcement? Tighter bans on alcohol consumption?

It seems Devon and Cornwall police are taking a slightly different approach: Instead choosing to use scare tactics to prise us away from the wheels after a glass of chardonnay or two.
Judging by our reaction to the video they've released (below), we're fully converted. Showing CCTV footage from (appropriately enough) outside a pub, we get a glimpse of just what a 60mph collision looks like as it happens - and it's not a pleasant sight.

This isn't a prepared, acted set-up either - it's real footage. In fact the pub's landlord, standing in the doorway at the time of the accident, suffered a broken pelvis and serious spinal injuries in the collision.

"The devastation caused by drink driving can be seen clearly in the CCTV footage," said inspector Richard Pryce - head of roads policing. "There was a group of people stood outside the pub just moments before the crash and it is a miracle that no-one was killed and only one person was injured."

According to the force, the car was driven by a Leigh Brennan, who lost control of his Volvo while under the influence of alcohol. The incident earned him a two-year driving ban and a 12- month prison sentence - certainly food for thought as you're ordering that second pint.

"If you drink and drive your chances of getting caught by police are high and the consequences are life changing," added Pryce. "As well as the potentially tragic consequences, someone who is caught drink driving faces losing their livelihood, a driving ban, a hefty fine or spending time in prison."

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