Test drive the Corvette C7 prototype for free

Corvette in GT5

Prototype models are usually only given to trusted and experienced test drivers.

But members of the public will have the rare chance to drive a fully camouflaged Corvette C7 Test Prototype, albeit in virtual reality.Makers of the popular Gran Turismo driving simulator game have teamed up with the American manufacturer Chevrolet and created an exclusive download for fans.

The Corvette C7 Test Prototype is the first example of a genuine prototype model to be recreated in a game. As with all cars in the Gran Turismo 5, huge levels of attention to detail were given to experience and handling of the car - and the same goes for the ultra-high detail body, which even includes the real prototype's ultra-secretive camouflaging.

The new design Corvette is still being tuned and refined ahead of the vehicle's official debut in January, but fans can download the car and push it to the limits on race tracks around the world.

Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet Global Marketing, said: "Until now, only the most skilled drivers on the Corvette team have been authorised to push the test prototypes to the limits on some of the most challenging track surfaces in the world."

All six previous generations of the Corvette have been available to players of the Gran Turismo series since the game's inception and the Corvette nameplate remains one of the most popular vehicles to race.

The camouflaged C7 Test Prototype is available for immediate download through the PlayStation Store at no additional charge.
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