Video: Man plays with 'best friend' - a 27-stone tiger

Ruth Doherty
Video: Woman plays with 'best friend' - a 27-stone tiger
Video: Woman plays with 'best friend' - a 27-stone tiger

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You have to be pretty fearless to pay with a 27-stone tiger like it's a child - even if you have looked after it since it was three months old.

But Abdullah Sholeh, 31, loves a bit of rough and tumble with his close companion, Mulan, who is now four years old.

Abdullah, who looks after Mulan full-time for owner Noer Mohammaed Sholeh, has been affectionately nicknamed "tiger nanny".

He's so besotted, he often gives up the comfort of his own bed to sleep next to her in an outhouse in Malang, Indonesia.

He said: "I am happy that I have been able to live with a tiger. I try to understand her nature, her mood, her daily and even momentary feelings in order to continue living with her.

The pair hug, kiss and even play fight, but sometimes Mulan can take it a bit far.

Abdullah said: "I was lucky, Mulan's claw nearly took my eye out. It scratched just below my eyeball and it cut the lower eyelid.

He added: 'If an accident was to happen, I know it was not her intention - she is just being a tiger, but I take that risk every time I go in with her."

See the footage below:

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