Video: Runaway zebra and pony stop traffic on Staten Island

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It's not the average sight you see on your daily commute to work; but one man caught a zebra and a pony running wild through the streets of Staten Island on Wednesday morning.

Zachary Osher captured the strange scene on his camera phone, and sent it to his local paper, according to the Daily Telegraph.

He was at his desk at Metropolitan Drape and Blind on Victory Boulevard when he saw the bizarre scene, which also included two men in dark suits wielding lassos bringing up the rear.

He told the NY Daily News: "When I saw the pony, I was like 'eh,' but then I saw the zebra. I thought it was some kind of a circus act."

The four-month-old zebra, called Razzi, can be seen chasing the 14-year-old pony, called Casper, down the street, and the pair almost get hit by a car as they horse around on a road.

According to the NY Times, police said the animals had been caught by 10am, and returned to their owner, Giovanni Schirripa, who accidentally left the gate open after feeding them at his petting zoo.

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