Change-averse Brits are 'stuck in a rut'

Caroline Cassidy

Ever heard the phrase 'a change is as good as a rest'? More to the point, have you ever taken that advice on board? According to a new study, very few of us have, and from bank accounts to hairstyles, we Brits stick to what we know.

Brits stick with the same haircut for life
Brits stick with the same haircut for life

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The survey, by energy company E.ON, found that as a nation we fail to embrace change. In fact, we're so stuck in a rut that a third of us stick with the same hairstyle throughout our entire life.

Though 22 per cent of women sport a new do once every three months, some 35 per cent of UK adults haven't changed their style since mum stopped doing the trimming, and 43 per cent see no reason to change their locks in the future.

But it seems most Brits prefer the familiar over the new in all areas of their lives - 56 per cent admitted to being stuck in a rut, with 25 per cent confessing they're too lazy to make changes, and 29 per cent claiming they just wouldn't 'know where to start'.

A further 27 per cent insisted they simply don't want to make any changes. As a result, two thirds have never moved their bank account, and 53 per cent have never changed their job.

Despite our resistance to change, 39 per cent felt guilty about sticking to what they know, while failure to change left 30 per cent feeling stressed out.

Guy Esnouf, from E.ON, said: "With everyone leading such busy lives we know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut - and be too tired at the end of the day to do anything about it.

"We want to encourage people to think which parts of their life they can change to reap financial and emotional benefits."

Time to make those New Year's resolutions, perhaps?

Are you happy to stick with what you know or are you planning to embrace change in your life? Leave your comments below...