Alistair Brownlee and his BMW 3 Series Touring

Why I can't help feeling smugSince BMW have sponsored me I've driven a variety of models but my new BMW 3 Series Touring is probably the favourite so far. I'm lucky enough to live near the Yorkshire countryside and lots of wide open country roads really allows me to enjoy driving such an exciting, but also luxury car.

The car really looks the business. I'm certainly not a poser, but I can't help feeling just a bit smug when I'm cruising round. On days when I feel like living life to the full, I can flick into Sport mode. But if I'm driving passengers around I keep the car in Comfort mode, it tends to keep them a little calmer when I'm driving.

Even though I'm enjoying driving a premium car, I am still a Yorkshire man, so the car's economical features are really important to me. I don't like to be driving around watching the fuel tank empty. So when I look down at the dashboard and see my average is over 40mpg, even after I've had it in Sport mode, it makes me very happy!

The boot is a great size and holds all my kit really easily, which is good as I've got loads. I've got a brilliant bike rack which sits on the top of my car, a very handy addition, thanks BMW.

I'm a big fan of my new 3 Series Touring and I think it's fair to say all my mates are jealous.

BMW 3 Series Touring
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Alistair Brownlee and his BMW 3 Series Touring

The Touring is one of the most stylish estate cars available and a step forward from previous 3 Series editions.

At 97mm longer than its predecessor, the new 3 Series Touring provides a more roomy interior.

Clever technology is an important part of the new 3 Series Touring. “ConnectedDrive” helps to keep the driver stay completely connected to the car like never before.

With 495 litres of boot space, the 3 Series Touring is class leading for storage. That jumps to 1,500 litres when the rear seats are folded.

The 3 Series Touring comes with a range of petrol and diesel-powered models, led by the 3.0-litre 330d.

The one petrol engined 3 Series Touring is the 2.0-litre turbocharged 328i which reaches 62mph.

With prices ranging from £30,400 to £34,700, the BMW 3 Series Touring is on sale now.


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