Christmas presents for petrolheads

With Christmas now less than a month away, AOL Cars have scoured the internet to find five stocking fillers for the impossible-to-buy-for petrolhead in your life.

Finding the right gift for anyone is a challenge, but what do you get someone who is completely besotted with cars and bikes? Apart from the enivitable pair of socks (or 'I am the Stig' T-shirt for that matter)...
Far from rummaging around the local car spares store, we've hunted down five useful gifts that would suit any petrolhead perfectly, guaranteed to make their Christmas just that little more special.

Jerry Can Hip Flask - £9.99

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For a penny under a tenner, you could get them this Jerry Can shaped hip flask. Apart from being one of the coolest things we've seen, it's the perfect place to store some of their favourite drinks, ready at a moment's notice for a spot of liquid courage or just a swig of something to warm the insides.

Spanner shaped bottle opener - £14.99

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Slightly more expensive, but still just as cool, is this spanner come bottle opener. The petrolhead you have in mind might well have every conceivable spanner size known to man, but it's highly unlikely they are going to have one with a bottle opener. Keep it in the toolbox or kitchen draw, as you'll never know when you need a 8mm spanner in the kitchen, or a bottle opener in the garage...

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iSafe Anti-Doze detector - £5.99

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It was Mercedes Benz who pioneered technology to detect when you might be beginning to doze off. The technology now features on other brands like Ford, VW and Volvo, but we've found a device that's much cheaper than a whole new car. This nifty little gadget detects if your head tilts by more than 15 degrees and sounds an alarm to wake you. Plus, being mobile, you can use it to stop embarrassing moments on the train or at work.

Chocolate road signs - £10

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We've all seen chocolate coins (and no doubt scoffed the odd few over the years) so why not shake things up this year and get road sign versions instead. Presented in a nifty little pot (which could be used to store nuts and bolts in the garage afterwards), this is definitely the tastiest present on our list. That is until someone fills up the Jerry Can...

Spy key fob camera - £19.99

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James Bond move over, this is one gadget every petrolhead will love. It looks like a simple alarm fob but it's actually a camera, capable of taking and storing video and photos instantly. Not only is this ideal for snapping the rare instances you see a supercar out and about, but it could prove invaluable should you ever need to photo a traffic collision.
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