Kayaker dies after capsizing in Loch Fyne

Ruth Doherty

Kayaker dies after capsizing in Loch Fyne
Kayaker dies after capsizing in Loch Fyne

Stock photo, Loch Fyne: Getty

A man has died after his kayak capsized during an early morning trip on Loch Fyne in Argyll, Scotland.

According to the BBC, coastguard received an emergency call at around 6am on Monday morning, reporting that one of a party of three kayakers had fallen into the water.

A rescue helicopter was sent out, and the men were picked up by a lifeboat and taken to Mid Argyll Hospital, where the man who capsized later died.

He was thought to have been in his twenties.

Although coastguards said the wind was force five - described by the Beaufort Scale as winds of between 18 and 24 mph with waves reaching anywhere from six to nine feet - the weather conditions were not considered dangerous enough for warnings, which are usually issued at force six.

Steve Carson, Belfast Coastguard Watch Manager, told the Daily Mail that kayakers should follow this safety advice: "Ensure that someone at home knows your passage plan including points of arrival and departure, timescale, number in group and other relevant information.

"Check weather forecasts and ensure that your skill levels are appropriate for where you are kayaking. Wear a buoyancy aid and check that equipment is functioning properly, that your distress flares are in date and are stowed where you can reach them.

"Carry a vhf marine band radio - fitted with DSC if possible. Learn how to use it and practice with it. Call the Coastguard if you get into difficulty, preferably via channel 16 on your radio or if not by calling 999 and asking for the Coastguard."

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