Christmas party hair

The perfect party dress is ready and waiting, the killer heels bought and paid for, but without a fabulous do, all that glamour will go to waste. If you're stuck for ideas to finish your party season look, here are a few tips for lush Christmas locks.

hair styles for christmas parties 2012

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Hollywood hair
If you've opted for timeless elegance on the dress front, then add a touch of Hollywood with a simple hairstyle that oozes red carpet glamour. For long locks, try a side parting with loose waves for that 1940s movie star look, or add big, side-swept curls to give long hair real bounce. If you prefer an up-do, loose waves still work perfectly - leave a few front sections loose and invest in a sparkling hair accessory for pretty, feminine glamour.

Blessed with beautiful, natural, shoulder-length curls? Try pinning them back behind the ear for a gorgeous 1920s style.

Chic and sleek
Perfect for LBDs and short, cropped dos, slick hair is a style winner this season. For all you pixie croppers out there, take a tip from Emma Watson and match her red carpet super-slick do. Long locks can also take the trend, with a side parting tied back behind the ears and fixed in a low bun at the nape of the neck. Alternatively, team a sleek beehive with accessories like a bow or sparkly hair band.

Gothic glamour
Matching the high fashion trend for gothic and baroque, this year you can get away with hair that shows you're just too cool to care. A loose up do with loose strands at the front, messy bun with statement pins or accessories, or slicked back long hair kept smooth at the sides for elegant grunge. You can also rock the trend with a high, wet-look quiff whatever your hair length.

Easy up dos
While you could go the whole hog with a classic Audrey Hepburn-style beehive/high bun, this season up dos don't have to be hard work. Loose and messy can be seriously sexy if wavy hair is given plenty of lift at the roots and a front section left loose and forward, while short wavy styles pulled away from the face and teased upwards to add volume will have much the same effect.

Of course, the ponytail has enjoyed a major revival in recent years, and this simple do can be either slicked back and immaculate or girly with strands hanging loose at the side and front. For a pretty evening style, try twisting the lower sections of the hair from front to back, and secure both sides into a bun at the back for a gorgeous look as seen on the Valentino catwalk.

Big and bold
If you really want to make a statement at the Christmas bash though, big hair is the way to go. For long locks, it's all about the blow-dry, so think 1970s glamour with big waves or Jerry Hall-style curls. And if you've got short hair, go for a high quiff style a la Gwen Stefani.
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