Runaway circus camel causes travel chaos in LA

Runaway circus camel causes travel chaos in LAABC News

A circus camel caused chaos in Los Angeles on Friday, when it escaped form the Ramos Brothers Circus and galloped down the boulevard in the Glendale area of the city.

The Sun reports that the four-year-old camel, who is called Abdullah, broke free when he was about to be taken into the circus ring to practise an exercise.

He was chased by his trainers, who say that it is the first time he has ever run away.

Runaway circus camel causes travel chaos in LAABC News

ABC News reports that Abdullah's trainers eventually caught up with him after tempting him with carrots. They then lead him back to the circus - via a gas station.

Ramos Circus co-owner, Douglas Ramos, said: "People were surprised. It's not every day you see a camel running through the gas station."

Fortunately no one was hurt and Abdullah was safely back at work that evening.

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Runaway circus camel causes travel chaos in LA

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