People caught urinating in public to be sent on 'walk of shame'

Ceri Roberts
People caught urinating in public to be sent on 'walk of shame'
People caught urinating in public to be sent on 'walk of shame'


Chester Council has joined forces with police to crackdown on the numbers of people who are caught on CCTV urinating in the street.

The Daily Mail reports that they have introduced a 'heritage awareness course' to teach offenders about the consequences of their actions.

Each day up to 30 people are caught on CCTV urinating in public in Chester, and officials say that urine is starting to corrode the city's historic buildings.

In the last year, 108 offenders have agreed to pay £75 to pay to go on the course, rather than going to court and facing a heavier fine.

As part of the course, they are taken on a walk around the city to inspect the damage caused by urination and told how their behaviour affects other residents.

According to the Daily Mail, students, soldiers and the unemployed are the main culprits, but accountants, solicitors and teachers have also been caught in the act.

Cheshire Police Inspector Julie Westgate said: "We want to make offenders accountable for the damage to the city's heritage."

The Chester Chronicle reports that a new poster, produced by Cheshire West and Chester Council and backed by Pubwatch, has been displayed in Chester city centre, with the aim of discouraging people from using the streets as a public toilet.

The poster, showing a urinating cherub, warns of a £500 fine for anyone who is caught doing a 'pee in public'.

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