Cracking Christmas drives in the UK

Michael Macaroon
Ten of the best Christmas drives in the UK
Ten of the best Christmas drives in the UK


Getting out and about at Christmas is part of the recipe for a successful festive break. It's the antidote to all manner of Christmas grumbles. You don't have to be stuck inside watching repeats on TV or making painful small talk with relatives you have little in common with. Nor do you have to endure another round of dried-out turkey and over-boiled Brussels sprouts. You could, after all, get up and get out.

Breaking the claustrophobia and taking a drive somewhere is always worth the effort at Christmas. The roads are quieter, you're not in a hurry, so you can enjoy a drive in the country, a visit to a restaurant or even a special shopping expedition. And if nothing else, a bracing walk will help stop the pounds from piling on, and fresh air and open space will douse those family arguments.

In fact, if you're prepared to take even a short drive, you can take advantage of numerous special events and unusual activities that aren't on offer the rest of the year. There's a wide variety of seasonal markets, sporting events and religious festivities up and down the country, and whether you're looking to escape the rest of your family or take them all with you, there's bound to be something to fit the bill.


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