UN makes electric and hybrid cars noisier

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Car manufacturers are going to be forced to fit artificial noises on their electric and hybrid cars.

According to The Daily Telegraph, a new ruling by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe will come into play by the end of next year, compelling car makers to make their silent cars noisy.
It's the result of more drivers turning to alternatively-fuelled cars to save costs.

But often the cars' lack of audible noise is running people over, with such accidents now being branded as "silent killings".

Christian This from the UN project team told The Daily Telegraph: "The development of acoustic warning devices for electric and hybrid electric vehicles, which market share is rapidly growing in many countries, will be an important element to enhance the safety of these vehicles.

"A regulation will ensure a consistent approach across the industry, which is key for the effectiveness and acceptance of such devices."

There are more than 2,300 electric cars in the UK and approximately 125,000 hybrids on Britain's roads.

The news follows calls by blind campaigners to make electric cars easily heard, as also reported by The Daily Telegraph.

However, some car makers have already considered how dangerous such cars can be to pedestrians.

"The Nissan Leaf actually already has an artificial noise generator," a Nissan spokesperson told AOL Cars. "After extensive research to find a sound which was non-intrusive and yet audible, the LEAF creates a "swooshing" sound at speeds below 30kph."

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