Video: Farmer creates hot-rod tractor


We wouldn't be as bold as to give the impression we know what farmers are doing at this time of the year.

All we will say is that their machinery appears a lot on the UK's roads. They are readying their fields for winter, probably.
All of this means there are a lot of tractors and machinery clogging... we mean travelling... along country lanes. Invariably they travel at a modest pace aggravating the stressed motorist.

However, one farmer may have found a solution... to both farming his fields quicker and not causing a traffic queue.

He's Swedish, naturally, and he's taken his rather elderly tractor and removed the wheezy diesel engine and replaced it with a petrol engine from a Volvo 240 Turbo. And called it "Terror".

Nice. We have no idea how much power it produces or what the 0-60mph time is, but all we know is that we'd like to have a go.

In the video you'll see the farmer doing donuts and full-throttle starts. Enjoy.

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