Revealed: The cars most likely to be stolen

Land Rover DefenderLand Rover

We all know the Land Rover Defender is loved by farmers across the UK and it has recently made a name for itself in this year's James Bond epic Skyfall.

But you probably weren't aware of the Defender being the wheels of choice for car thieves.
That's right, the roughtie-toughtie British-built workhorse is the most stolen car in Britain, according to the online insurance provider

Analysis of more than 2,300 theft claims by the firm revealed that, despite being comparatively rare on UK roads, luxury cars such as Land Rovers, Audis and BMWs were disproportionately more likely to be stolen.

Nine of the top ten targets were luxury vehicles, despite often having sophisticated security systems. The top three cars, the Land Rover Defender, BMW 7 Series and Audi A5, were given index scores of four per cent, 3.35 per cent and three per cent respectively based on the likelihood that they would be stolen.

The car that completed the top 10 list was the Renault Laguna with a theft index rating score of 1.37 per cent.

Top 10 cars most likely to be stolen
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Revealed: The cars most likely to be stolen

The average OTR price among the top ten most stolen cars is a staggering £37,815.
Robin Reames, chief claims officer at insurance provider, said: "Given that luxury vehicles are usually alarmed, well protected and parked in affluent – and ostensibly secure – neighbourhoods, it's surprising that they're still so likely to be targeted.

"This index should give drivers pause for thought: no car is immune from theft, and the best security system in the world won't protect a car if, as is often the case, the keys are stolen.

"Often, luxury cars which are stolen are immediately sent abroad where they can be resold or stripped for parts.

"Our own, separate analysis has shown a slight drop in car thefts from London – traditionally a theft hotspot – this year, although we've also found that theft numbers from the West Midlands and Yorkshire have risen sharply."

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