Huge 'water twister' spotted south of Sydney

Ceri Roberts
Huge 'water twister' spotted south of Sydney
Huge 'water twister' spotted south of Sydney

Seven News

A huge waterspout, which is created when tornadoes form above the sea, was spotted earlier today along the shoreline near Batemans Bay, which is 140 miles south of Sydney, Australia.

Also known as 'water twisters', these form when a high layer of cold air blows over the water causing warm, moist air to rise up from underneath, creating a column of condensation.

The Daily Mail reports that these can move as fast as 80 miles per hour, and can pose a serious risk to boats, swimmers and aircraft as well as coral reefs and marine life.

According to The Telegraph, waterspouts are not as harmful as tornadoes, they have been known to pick up sea life and dump it on land.

Fortunately, they normally break up before they reach land.

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