What you might have missed on AOL Cars: November 12-16

What you might have missed on AOL CarsMatt Alexander/PA Wire

It has been a busy week in the motor industry... but in case you missed any of the news, here's our picks of the news on AOL Cars.

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Some cars - we have to admit - really do suit a khaki colour scheme. The Land Rover Defender, for example, looks superb in the camouflage paint. The Bentley Continental GT, though... we're not so sure. See it here

That Caterham Supersport not quite quick enough for you? Good news! There's an upgraded version on the way. Read more

Don't tell your wife - Toyota's GT86 viral adYouTube

Tuesday, November 13

Don't tell your wife of your new purchase – Toyota's GT86 viral advert. Watch what we're on about

"Serial" drink drivers will simply have their cars taken away, if new government proposals go ahead. Set to be unveiled early next year, the plans are the latest way to try and keep boozy lawbreakers off the roads. Read more

Picture the scene: You're minding your own business, driving around in the city when you realise the stationary four-tonne truck ahead of you isn't quite so stationary anymore. Find out what happened

Audi A3 Sportback
Wednesday, November 14

We head to Monaco to drive the new Audi A3 Sportback and we deliver our verdict. Read what we thought

Toyota's "The Real Deal" GT86 advert is banned by the ASA after two people complain. Read more...

...Meanwhile Toyota also recalls 2.8m cars over a steering fault. Find out whether your car is affected

Idiotic driver
Thursday, November 15

An American lady who drove up a pavement to get round a stationary school bus has been punished not with penalty points or a fine, but something much worse. Read more

How many girls can you squeeze into a Mini hatchback? Five? 10 at the most, right? Wrong – see how many here

A rare Ferrari sold at auction this week fetched around twice what auctioneers estimated it would go for. Find out how much it made

MOT mayhem
Friday, November 16

When Stephen Leahy booked his Lamborghini supercar in for an MOT, he was expecting to receive a certificate with "pass" stamped on it. However, the Lambo owner received something quite different... a bill amounting to £20k's worth of damage. Find out how it happened

National Trust chief calls for 90 per cent of traffic lights to be removed from Britain's roads. Read more

It "beggars belief" how drivers are not reaping the benefits of falling fuel prices, says the AA. Find out what they're talking about
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