Video: Brutal fight between female bus driver and teen over her loud music


A fight between a bus driver and a high school student in Baltimore, Maryland was captured on camera and posted on YouTube.

The bus driver was filmed tackling the student, pulling her hair and pinning her in the corner of the bus after she 'disrespected' her.

The Daily Mail reports that the student fought back against the older and bigger woman, landing several blows to her head during the brawl.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the fight took place on a crowded Maryland Transit Administration bus on Monday afternoon.

Passengers watched on as the two scrapped from seat to seat and in the aisle of the bus.

The YouTube user who posted the clip wrote that the bus driver was angry because the teenager was playing her music too loudly.

When told by passengers to stop the attack, the bus driver said: 'This is about being disrespectful.'

A spokesman for the Maryland Transit Administration said the bus driver had been suspended while police review the video, which was filmed on a mobile phone by a passenger.

Watch the video below:

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