Video: 'Busy' commuters completely ignore man collapsed on train floor

The horrifying moment dozens of Tube passengers totally ignored a man who'd collapsed on the train carriage floor has been caught on camera.

The film shows a vulnerable man fall to the floor on a packed London Undergound train travelling between Baker Street and Great Portland Street.

One woman immediately gets up and runs away from the scene as fast as possible, while other commuters just stare, or make every effort to pretend they haven't noticed what just happened.

Nobody goes over to see or ask if he is OK.

According to The Sun, there were two off-duty Transport for London workers in the carriage at the time of the incident on Wednesday, who "carried on chatting like nothing had happened".

The man who caught the scene on camera says he was physically unable to help, and films a host of commuters walk straight past, and even over, the man, before somebody finally comes to his aid.

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