Video: Toyota advert banned for 'glamourising dangerous driving'

We might have featured a risque viral ad for Toyota's GT86 yesterday, but it's the UK's official campaign that's apparently causing real distress.

Entitled 'The Real Deal' and featured on YouTube, the ad is set in what Toyota call a 'virtual world', where an animated man drives the rear-wheel-drive car at speed through a city, sliding around obstacles and avoiding police cars.
Virtual or not though, it was still enough to upset the ASA - who banned it after a grand total of two individuals complained.

"Whilst we appreciated that in the world where the ad was set, cars could drive themselves, objects could miraculously appear or disappear and certain everyday objects were contraband," the ASA ruling said, "we considered that the roads, public spaces and the car featured in the ad were recognisable as such and were not significantly different from those in the real world.

"Because we considered the ad portrayed speed, and the way the car could be handled in a manner that might encourage motorists to drive irresponsibly, we concluded that the ad was irresponsible and condoned dangerous driving."

In effect then, the ad was banned for glamourising dangerous driving - regardless of whether the scene depicted reality. We're not convinced - though we would support the ASA were they to ban it for misuse of Edith Piaf.

Do you think the ad was worthy of the chop, or is it a case of the ASA being over-sensitive? See what you make of it below, and drop us a comment with your thoughts.

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