Video: Don't tell your wife - Toyota's GT86 viral ad

We've all been there – and if you haven't, we're pretty confident you've at least thought about it. Once. Maybe, even twice.

We are of course talking about buying a car without telling your better half. Let's face it, they're never quite as into the new purchase as you are, so why not just buy it anyway and surprise them when you pull up on the drive?
Well, that's exactly what appears to be Toyota's latest online viral advert for its GT86 sports car advises you to do anyway.

Using hidden camera techniques and some rather mad driving in a quarry (don't ask), the Japanese manufacturer is basically giving its customers one simple, but stark, message: Buy this car and your partner will divorce you.

While for some that might be a rather appealing prospect, what we think they're trying to say is that it's probably worth running the second biggest purchase of your life past your life partner first.

The reaction of some of the ladies in the film is rather amusing – one takes such umbrage to the new motor in their shared lives that she attacks it with a hammer. Bit extreme, but we kind of get her point – she was probably expecting a Subaru BRZ...

Also, there's a rather strange man dancing in his pants with a mullet to put Pat Sharp to shame. Very weird... but then aren't all viral videos supposed to be a little leftfield?

So, with our film critic hat on, what we think Toyota is trying to tell us is this: Buy a GT86, get divorced, go mental in a quarry with no clothes on, and grow a mullet. Interesting...

It's unclear whether the video is backed by the car manufacturer, but we've asked them the question. We'll report back to you our findings.

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