Supermarkets put the fizz into Christmas with cut-price Champagne

It seems there is rarely good news for shoppers in these arduous financial times, but the supermarkets might just put a little of the fizz back into Christmas this year.

supermarkets slash champagne prices for christmas
supermarkets slash champagne prices for christmas

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In an attempt to boost seasonal sales, many of the big retailers are already slashing their Champagne prices and a bidding war between the stores means cash-strapped consumers can still enjoy a little bubbly come Christmas Day.

Budget supermarkets Aldi and Lidl are both offering bottles for £12.99, already £2 cheaper than when price-cutting began last year.

Sainsbury's have halved the price of Antoine de Clevecy Champagne, which is down from £24 to just £12, while shoppers can snap up the same discount on a bottle of Heidsieck Blue Top Dry Monopole champers, which has been slashed from £30 to £14.99.

At Tesco, the discount isn't quite so impressive if you're buying a single bottle, but buy a 12-bottle case of De Vallois online and the price is just £9.67 a pop.

And the ever-competitive Asda has reduced its Dubois-Caron Champagne from £24.21 to £10 - a move which has seen shelves quickly empty.

Retail analysts say the price-cutting has started early as supermarkets face their most competitive festive season for some time, and bottles of bubbly are already at their lowest in years.

Helen Stares, analyst at market researchers Nielsen, told the Daily Mail: "So much of the year's performance for brands and retailers comes from Christmas, and the competition has started early, so I think it's going to be more competitive than ever.

"We will see more discounting happening on other items like whisky and port as Christmas gets closer. Last year there were lots of multi-buy deals but this year there will be price cuts instead because shoppers are looking to keep their final bill as low as possible."

With prices slashed on such seasonal fare, let's hope everyone can enjoy a little Christmas cheer this year.

Will you be splashing out this Christmas or slashing your seasonal spending? Leave your comments below...