Road test: Nissan GT-R Track Pack

Nissan GT-RMax Earey

Nissan has tweaked its GT-R for the circuit and created the Track Pack. Is it any good?

What is it?

The GT-R Track Pack version is new for 2012 and is designed "for drivers who want an extra edge on the race track". So there's lightweight alloys, extra brake ducts in the front bumper, adjustable suspension, no rear seats, sticky tyres and chairs trimmed in "magic cloth".
What's under the bonnet?

The "standard" GT-R's potent 3.8-litre V6 twin-turbo engine remains untouched. So Track Pack customers are still treated to a power output of 543bhp and a 0-60mph time of just 2.8 seconds. It's mated to one of the most advanced four-wheel-drive systems in the business, and a six-speed automatic gearbox with paddles.

What's the kit like?

As this is a racing circuit special, the Track Pack does without some of the standard GT-R's equipment. The sports seats are trimmed in part-leather and a special grippy fabric, and there are not back seats. However, Track Pack cars do get a special badge on the centre console, a rear-view camera, an enhanced Bose audio system, more comfortable seat belts and six-spoke RAYS alloy wheels which shave 10kg off the standard GT-R's weight. The Track Pack costs £10k more than the standard GT-R; so costs £84k.

Is it any good?

Driving this car is hypnotic, it's so blisteringly fast it doesn't even feel real. We can't think of anything that would touch it point-to-point, and we're big fans of the grumbling transmission, the whoosh of the turbos and the cacophony of noise every time you put your foot down.

Any rivals?

The Track Pack's only real rival is the Porsche 911 Turbo. The German car costs £26k more and is down in the power stakes by "only" having 500bhp. It could be argued the 911 is more of the driver's car... but that's down to personal taste.

Nissan GT-R Track Pack
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Road test: Nissan GT-R Track Pack

The AOL Cars verdict

It's difficult to say whether the extra £10k is worth it. There's no doubting the GT-R's ability – it's a truly stonking car to drive - however, it's true capabilities are felt on the track. That said, Nissan has managed to make the GT-R even more exciting to drive, and for that reason the Japanese firm should be congratulated.

The knowledge
Model: Nissan GT-R Track Pack
Price: £84,480
Engine: 3.8-litre, V6 twin-turbo
Power: 543bhp, 632Nm
Max speed: 196mph
0-60mph: 2.8s
MPG (comb'd): 24
Emissions: 275g/km
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