Now you see it - Mario Barlotelli's camouflaged Bentley

Mario Balotelli with his camouflage car leaving Manchester City training groundSplash

Some cars - we have to admit - really do suit a khaki colour scheme. The Land Rover Defender, for example, looks superb in the camouflage paint. The Hummer H1 doesn't look half bad either - harking right back to its military roots.

The Bentley Continental GT, though... we're not so sure.
Mario Barlotelli - who I'm sure you've guessed is a footballer - seems to disagree, covering his previously-white Supersports in army print.

Ironically, judging by the picture above, it couldn't blend in less.

The Manchester City striker has gone all out - turning the usually handsome Bentley into something wretch-inducing. His fellow players seem impressed, mind - wandering up and giving the Khaki-nental GT a good eyeing up.

Thankfully for the Bentley at least, it's reportedly a vinyl wrap - meaning it should all peel off without complaint should Barlotelli become bored with driving around like Action Man.

It's not the first time the 22 year old's car has caused a stir, though - having been involved in an accident back in April according to the Manchester Evening News.

Similarly, it's not the only car to be given the vinyl-wrapping treatment by a footballer - in fact we ran a top five of them only a year ago.

Stoke City's Jermaine Pennant was one of the first - plastering his Aston Martin DBS in ultra-shiny chrome-effect, not dissimilar to a heated towel rail.

Next was Leeds United's El Hadji Diouf, who has given both his Mercedes McLaren SLR and Cadillac Escalade the ultra-shiny treatments.

They say some people have more money than sense. We're saying nothing.
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