Paul McCartney narrowly avoids helicopter crash

Paul McCartney narrowly avoids helicopter crash
Paul McCartney narrowly avoids helicopter crash


Earlier this year, Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell narrowly avoided a potentially-fatal helicopter crash when their pilot attempted to land at night at their East Sussex estate.

The Daily Mail reports that the pilot of their helicopter, which was chartered from Air Harrods, become disorientated in bad weather and plunged towards trees.

Apparently the couple were unaware how close they came to crashing, but the near miss is being investigated by the Department of Transport and has been categorised as a 'serious incident'.

According to the Air Accident Investigations Bureau (AAIB) report, it appears that the helicopter came just two feet from the tree tops and, in pulling away hard, the pilot was forced to put huge pressure on the engine, which can be very dangerous.

After the aborted landing, the helicopter landed safely at Lydd Airport in Kent.

The incident happened late at night on May 3, when flying conditions were recorded as 'low cloudbase, poor visibility and rain.'

A spokesman for Air Harrods told the Daily Mail: "Harrods Aviation can confirm that an incident took place on May 3 involving an Air Harrods helicopter.

"We are working in full cooperation with the AAIB which are currently investigating the incident."

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