Funbridge Wells! Historic Kent town to be 'rebranded' to attract tourists

Funbridge Wells! Historic Kent town to be 'rebranded' to attract touristsRex

The council of Tunbridge Wells in Kent is considering re-branding the royal spa town in an attempt to boost tourism, and have come up with a few 'fun' slogans for the town.

'Funbridge Wells', 'Why not Tunbridge Wells?' and 'Cultural Capital of West Kent' are a few of the mottos up for discussion.

According to the Daily Mail, the council says a slogan will help 'guide its development strategy' and it is also looking to 'make the most' of famous quotes about Tunbridge Wells.

Possible lines to be used as mottos for the council include one from David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia in which head of the Arab Bureau Mr Dryden says: 'On the whole, I wish I'd stayed in Tunbridge Wells'.

Another quote that could be used is from James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret in which Bond girl Tracy Di Vicenzo tells 007 that she 'looks forward to living as Mr and Mrs James Bond of Acacia Avenue, Tunbridge Wells'.

The line 'Tunbridge Wells is Tunbridge Wells, and there is nothing really like it upon our planet,' from H.G Wells' book Christina Alberta's Father could also be used.

Councillor John Cunningham said a new slogan was important to attract tourists to the town, but said Funbridge Wells was not his favourite.

He told the Daily Mail: 'A motto would be good. We have got so much for tourists to see, but I think Funbridge Wells is not on - I wouldn't pick it myself.'

Councillor Francis Rook said: 'I think we should leave it to the younger and vibrant members of the council to think about taglines.

'I think it is important that the borough council informs people of the fantastic diversity and culture and history we have in the area.'

Jane March, cabinet member for tourism, leisure and economic development, said: 'It will involve a lot of people but it is at a very early stage and we are still formulating.'

Speaking to the Daily Mail, local Richard Spicer, 54, said: 'Tunbridge Wells needs to get rid of its fuddy duddy image of people always complaining and never being happy with life.

'The place is packed full of bars, theatres, restaurants and all sorts, so we need to use that to bring people in - I don't really like Funbridge Wells, but it's better than the rest of the ideas.'

This is not the first time a historic area of Britain has undergone rebranding.

Last month, the BBC reported that Visit Suffolk was considering the slogan, 'The Curious County'. But this was criticised by politicians who said it could mean interesting and unusual, but also means odd.

And plans to rebrand Edinburgh as 'Incrediburgh' in time for Christmas were fiercely criticised by local MPs, but the campaign is still set to be launched.

Jenny Dawe, former Liberal Democrat leader of the city council, told the Daily Telegraph: 'I think these ideas are absolutely appalling.

'You don't need silly slogans to market Edinburgh. They don't sound worth using at all, and they make me shudder.'

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