Work appraisals 'a waste of time'

WorkerMore than one in three people believe workplace appraisals are a waste of time and do nothing for their career development, according to a new report.

A survey of 1,000 office workers found that 37% spent at least seven hours a year on appraisals, increasing to 15 hours for one in 20.

Recruitment firm Badenoch & Clark said appraisals were in danger of becoming 'tick box' exercises that wasted time and failed to help employees.

Managing director Nicola Linkleter said: "Many organisations adopt a once a year approach towards appraisals which means the process is scheduled and collation of employee feedback is often carried out through standardised forms or systems.

"Dedicating time to appraisals is only beneficial for organisations and individuals if they are effective in identifying and developing talent in return."

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