Twitter panics on password 'attack'

If you're a Twitter user, prepare for some password upset. The social media player has mistakenly reset a good number of its 500m accounts following hacking fears - though it's not know how many are affected.

Twitter's protective intentions were undoubtedly good. But it's likely some Twitter users have suspected Twitter of some 'phishing itself.

Don't freak out - admin error

Even the BBC had problems. Twitter has published what to do about the issue. One Twitter staffer clearly hit the re-set button on a huge number of accounts, though many Twitter users aren't affected.

Originally some suspected the hand of the Chinese authorities in the scare. Twitter has apologised for "any inconvenience or confusion" but clearly there has been significant doses of both for some.

Meanwhile it's thought the websites of Lady Gaga, NBC plus the Australian Government have received recent genuine attacks. Security breaches are increasingly common. In mid-summer more than six million Linked-in user accounts were hacked.

Take care of your digital life

Twitter upshot: if you've had communication allegedly from Twitter with a security alert, heed it. Bear in mind that if you're an Android Twitter app or Mac iOS user, you'll need to go to the website to alter your passwords.

Twitter offers some good protection advice here. Android users might also find this phishing Youtube clip useful, which describes how some users can be tricked from fake SMS messages.
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