Students' hall fees 'have doubled'

StudentsStudents are paying twice as much for a university room as they were a decade ago.

The average cost of a room in university-owned accommodation stood at £117.67 in 2011/12, according a study by the National Union of Students (NUS) and Unipol Student Homes.

In 2001/02, the average cost stood at £59.17.

The study also shows that the overall average rent for a room in accommodation owned by a university, arranged by an institution, or provided by a private firm, now stands at £123.96 a week for 2012/13.

This is 25% higher than the average weekly rent three years ago, when it was £98.99 (in 2009/10).

Pete Mercer, NUS vice-president for welfare, said: "Student rents have sky-rocketed, leaving fewer reasonably-priced accommodation options for students from lower and middle-income backgrounds who are really feeling the pinch.

"The responsibility of universities to support their students does not begin and end at the doors of the lecture hall.

"University heads should urgently be looking at properly planning accommodation supply and capping rent increases to ensure students are not priced out of living in halls."
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