Video: Pilot suspected of murder crashes stolen plane

A SkyWest pilot suspected of murdering his girlfriend was caught on camera crashing a stolen plane at a Utah Airport before shooting himself on board.

Brian Hedglin, 40, from Colorado, was a SkyWest employee on administrative leave when he drove his motorbike to St George Municipal Airport on 17 July 2012 and managed to jump a fence by putting a rug over the barbed wire and using leather gloves to climb down it.

He had been on the run from Colorado, where he allegedly stabbed his 39-year-old girlfriend, Christina Lopez Cornejo. Her body was found on 13 July, four days before Hedglin stole the plane.

He boarded the jet, and pulled away from the terminal in an attempt to head for the runway, but he clipped the jetway and terminal.

The released surveillance video shows the moment the 50-seat Canadair Regional Jet damaged 14 cars, crashing into the car rental parking lot; it also crashed into fences and through light posts, according to USA Today.

According to ABC News, St. George city spokesman Marc Mortenson said at the time of the incident: "His left wing clipped the jet bridge probably making it inoperable."

Finding himself unable to take off, Hedglin committed suicide.

The engine was still running when police and airline officials found his body in the passenger cabin.

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