Is this Britain's worst driver?

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New figures have found what could be Britain's worst driver. The woman from Essex has so far failed her driving theory test an astonishing 105 times. Her nearest rival - a man from Peterborough - has failed 84 times.

So how can this have happened, and how much has it cost her?

The test

The Daily Telegraph reported the figures from the Driving Standards Agency, and asked whether she is the country's worst driver.

The test is designed not to be an insurmountable challenge. The pass mark is 43 out of 50, and it's a multiple choice exam - so all the answers are right there in front of you. Generally two answers are red herrings, one is right some of the time, and one is right in all situations. If you take your time, it should be possible to work out which is which. In addition, there's a hazard perception test, where you just have to spot 44 out of 75 hazards in 13 clips.


So how can she be failing so many times? Kelvin White, managing director of Kelvin White Driving School, says that the most common problem is where people don't prepare. He says: "Those who study will pass. There is a DVD, and provided you spend a bit of time going through it, you tend to pass with no problems. The problems tend to come when people can't find the time to do more than glance through an hour or so before the test - or they don't bother at all."

He said that nerves do play a part for some candidates - although that tends to be more with the practical than the theory test. The right preparation with an instructor should control nerves on the day. However, there will be some individuals who will struggle with tests of any kind - no matter how well they have prepared.

Whatever her weakness, these failures must be a terrible blow for her, because at £31 a time, she has blown more than £3,000 on taking the tests. That may well be the budget for her first car spent - even before she has a chance to sit the practical test.

The only consolation may be that she is not the worst failure in the world. The world record for the number of driver theory tests taken is held by a South Korean woman who passed at her 950th attempt in November 2009.
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