Woman fails driving test 105 times!

Woman fails driving test 105 times
Are you one of those drivers who took your driving test twice? Perhaps you took it three times and then passed.

You probably received grief from friends and family – but spare a thought for one woman who has failed her test not twice, or three times in a row... but 105 times!
Thought to be the most incapable learner driver to date beating the previous record of 84, the revelation has come courtesy of new statistics released by the Driving Standards Agency.

Thanks to spending £31 - the cost of the theory test – a total of 105 times, the woman from Essex has spent more than £3,000 so far – enough to buy herself a decent set of used wheels for her first car.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the AA's head of road safety, Andrew Howard, said: "It is absolutely unbelievable, it must have cost her a fortune.

"There are people who are not very good tests, people who are nervous and some just don't prepare adequately.

"Cases like this raise the question that there are some people who just can't pass a theory test."

Robert Gifford, executive director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, added: "It's hard to comprehend how someone could take the theory test this many times and fail.

"At the same time, HM Treasury must be pleased by her persistence since it represents a good income for the Government," he added.

However, all is not lost for the learner driver. A Driving Standards Agency spokesperson told the Daily Telegraph: "She can still get revision books or even, if she prefers an app for her mobile phone."
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