Have you lost your sense of direction thanks to Sat Nav?

Have you lost your sense of direction thanks to Sat Nav?PA

A new survey from Halfords suggests that British drivers are losing their sense of direction - and Sat Navs are to blame.

Researchers found that two out of three motorists (68 per cent) admit to using Sat Navs for journeys they do every day, such as driving to work or two the shops. As a result, over half (52 per cent) can not recall any prominent landmarks on a journey and almost a third (31 per cent) can't remember the name of the road they have just travelled on.

We're having trouble judging distances, too.

Seven out of ten motorists said that they would use their Sat Nav to predict their arrival time rather than checking milage. And our geography is getting worse as a result. More than six out of ten (61 per cent) of drivers didn't know that Leeds was to the north of Sheffield and 56 per cent couldn't say that Edinburgh was east of Glasgow.

All of this makes matters worse when we do get lost - three in ten motorists said that they would wait at least half an hour before stopping to ask for directions, while 18 per cent said they would rather just carry on driving.

And pedestrians are no different, with 22 per cent of those surveyed admitting to using their GPS-enabled phones to find an address when they are travelling on foot.

Jon Oliver, Halfords In Car Technology expert, said: "The survey demonstrates how much we rely on Sat Navs; they have literally changed our lives and drivers now need this technology to navigate effectively. Drivers like Sat Navs because they are so helpful - they take a lot of the anxiety out of driving because you always know where you are, how far you have to go and how long it will take. This leaves motorists free to concentrate on the road and have a less stressful and safer journey."

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