Britain braced for weekend of hail, thunder and more flooding

Roshina Jowaheer
Britain braced for weekend of hail, thunder and more flooding
Britain braced for weekend of hail, thunder and more flooding


Parts of Britain will be hit by hail, showers, snow and more floods this weekend, forecasters have warned.

According to MailOnline, the Environment Agency issued 26 flood alerts for East Anglia, the Midlands, the North West and South West, fearing homes could be affected by overflowing rivers.

This has been due to exceptionally high levels of rainfall between April and June, which left the ground saturated.

The South East may also be hit and emergency services have been warned that even a small volume of rain could create a crisis.

Forecasters say that most of the snow this weekend will remain in the highest areas of the country, including the Peak District, Cumbria and parts of Scotland and Wales.

Fireworks displays for Bonfire Night could see heavy showers, and thunder and hail have been predicted along the South and West coasts.

During the day temperatures will struggle to reach double figures in built-up areas and drop to freezing overnight.

Meteorologist at The Weather Channel, Leon Brown, told AOL Travel: 'It should be dry for most places on Saturday evening, except near Western coasts where showers are likely.'

Met Office spokesman Dan Williams told MailOnline: 'There will be clear skies, but there are patches of rain around.

'There is a risk of showers, but that is more on the western coastal areas. Tomorrow will be quite gusty, which will add to the feeling of it being chilly.'

Leon Brown told AOL Travel: 'There is a risk of showers over England and Wales on Sunday evening, and over central Britain on Monday evening with a cold north-easterly wind too. It will be frosty in the North.'

Those heading out to watch the fireworks have been advised to wrap up warm and take umbrellas.


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