Fake child seats putting young lives at risk

Parents beware of fake child seatsPA

Parents are being warned not to buy counterfeit child seats.

Safety experts are warning unsuspecting parents of the proliferation of fake child seats appearing on the UK market.
Online websites and auction sites are proving to be hot-spots for fake seat sales. It's thought parents and grandparents are buying them thinking they are quality items at reasonable prices.

However, crash-testing performed by the UK's transport research laboratory, TRL, has shown that counterfeit seats are often of very poor quality and offer children little protection in a collision.

"It is very difficult to recognise these counterfeits, because on initial inspection they can look very similar to the genuine items," said Hamish McPhillips from TRL's Child Safety Centre.

"A recent crash test performed by TRL on what was suspected to be a counterfeit product resulted in the seat coming apart.

"While the seat appeared to have appropriate safety ratings, the instruction manual was in poorly written English, a clear marker that it is counterfeit," he added.

McPhillips offered some advice to parents on what they should be looking out for.

"Take care and look a little closer at the finish of the product," he said. "The instruction manual and markings on the child seat should always be available in English and the seat should have an orange Type Approval label, to show it meets the requirements of Regulation 44."
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