Video: Miracle escape for Russian Lada driver

Lucky escape for Lada driver
A Russian driver is probably thanking his lucky stars today after an overtaking move turned very sour indeed.

Undertaking what's presumed to be a lorry using the inside lane, the rear-wheel-drive Lada Riva loses grip on the slippery surface - flying into the opposite carriageway.
Unfortunately for the driver, a Scania truck was heading at high speed in the opposite direction - I'm sure you can imagine what happened next.

Smashing sideways into the blunt-fronted lorry, the Russian-built Lada's 1960s origins start to show. We're sure any vehicle would come off badly in the collision, but can't imagine that the Lada's lack of safety features helped matters.

Astonishingly though, in this video from YouTube, the driver appears to survive with barely a scratch, despite the car effectively folding up around him. The fact that the roof on the driver's side was pulled below the level of the steering wheel highlights just how much the body crumpled.

You can come to your own conclusions about what sent the car into a spin, but one thing's for sure: the driver is lucky to be alive.

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