Video: Helicopter pilot retrieves model plane from tree

Video: Helicopter pilot retreives model plane from treeYouTube

When a boy's model plane crashed into the top of a tree, he must have thought it was lost for good. That is until two hero helicopter pilots came to the rescue and retrieved it for him.

The Daily Mail reports that a video posted on YouTube shows the pilots attempting to rescue the plane from a treetop and the co-pilot dangling from the open door of the chopper in mid-air as he reaches for the expensive model plane.

The clip, believed to have been filmed in America, shows the two men hovering over fields and trees before they reach the plane.

After witnessing the youngster crashing the plane, one pilot says: 'He's just crashed the trees.

'It's way up at the top of the tree.'

He adds: 'That's a P51 mustang too.'

The pair waste no time in changing course to head for the stranded model plane and the pilot says to his friend: 'Do you know how cool it would be if we could scoop that thing out of the tree for them?'

One they retrieve the plane, they descend to return it to its owner on the ground and the pilot jokes: 'Reckon I got permission to land down here right now?'

A boy and two men run towards the helicopter and shake hands with their heroes.

'You're so welcome, it was my pleasure,' the pilot says.

They take to the skies and one man says to the other: 'Dude that was ridiculous.

'That's $800 worth of aeroplane right there.'

The other pilot adds: 'We got camera rolling brother, we're going to see this whole thing.'

Watch the video below:

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