The Old Bill... you should receive for being in the way

Motorists agree: drivers should get out of the way of emergency service vehicles, or risk being fined.

Polling over 2,500 web users, the survey - carried out by the Institute of Advanced Motorists's - revealed that 'almost half' of road users were in favour of the fines.Similarly, 40 per cent believe it's unfair to prosecute drivers who cross a red light to let an emergency service vehicle through - a dilemma many a road user has faced - but only 30 per cent feel that doing so should be made legal.

Surprisingly, 26 per cent of drivers said that they wouldn't pull over if they saw a vehicle with blue lights approaching - something that could delay the emergency services.

The survey also highlights just how confused Britain's motorists are when it comes to the official rules - with one third admitting that they'd pulled over into a bus lane and been fined as a result.

With 86 per cent believing that this is unfair, however, IAM chief executive Simon Best is calling for change on the matter."Fining people for pulling into empty bus lanes so that life-saving services can get through is just plain wrong," he commented.

"Most drivers quite rightly want to get out of the way. Simply catching and penalising drivers who break the rules to let emergency vehicles pass will not serve to educate them – people must understand the rules to abide by them.

"Our survey shows clear support for more clarity and new ways of ensuring police, fire and ambulance personnel get to incidents with maximum speed and minimum risk to themselves and others."
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