The cheapest place to get a flu jab

Sick womanI got my flu jab last week. They aren't just for the elderly – my wife is a primary school teacher, so she gets to bring home all sorts of lovely bugs to share with the rest of us.

Loads of places now offer flu jabs, so it's worth shopping around to see where you can get it cheapest. I'm going to look at the national outlets offering the jab, but your local independent pharmacy may also offer it for less.

Getting it for free

You can get the flu jab for free on the NHS from your local doctor, so long as one of the following applies:
  • You are aged 65 or over
  • You are pregnant
  • You suffer from a health condition like asthma or diabetes
  • You care for someone whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill

Where to get it

Asda has a pharmacy service in 230 stores nationwide, open seven days a week. And it's pretty cheap, costing just £7 per person for the jab.

For the last couple of years my wife and I have had our jabs at Boots, mainly because it is just down the road.

At Boots the jab sets you back £12.99. You need to go through a questionnaire with the pharmacist beforehand, though you can download it here and file it out at home to save time when you get there.

Co-operative Pharmacy
The Co-op has a pharmacy service in nearly 500 branches across the UK, where the injection will cost you £11.

You can find a branch which offers the flu jab on this section of the website.

Lloyds Pharmacy
Lloyds Pharmacy has more than 1,600 pharmacies across the UK. You can find your nearest one by putting in your details on this section of the Lloyds website.

If you do get your jab from Lloyds it will cost you £12.

Sainsbury's stores with a pharmacy offer the flu jab. Vaccinations before the 13th November cost just £8, rising to £10 after that. You get Nectar points on them too.

You can search here for your nearest Sainsbury's Pharmacy.

I've personally been in a Superdrug store that offered a pharmacy service, but you can find your nearest one here.

It will set you back £9.95 for the jab.

Many Tesco stores now offer a pharmacy, and you can get your jab here for £10. All you need to do is pop into the store.

You can find your nearest Tesco Pharmacy by using this tool on the Tesco website.

Will you be getting the flu jab? How much is your local pharmacy offering the service for? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.
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