From Porsches to plug-ins: Arsenal players go all-electric

Arsenal players try out electric cars
Arsenal players dropped the keys to their Range Rovers and Porsche Cayennes this week – hopping into something a little, er, greener.

Joining Arsenal's existing Citroen fleet, the French manufacturer has handed over the keys to two electric C-Zeros.
Quentin Willson presented the pair of EVs to the bemused players, who surveyed the cars with an apparent degree of suspicion – walking around the egg-shaped creations and squeezing the ultra-narrow tyres.

A drive in the four-seat city cars did seem to improve matters, though - defender Thomas Vermaelen even describing the C-Zero's acceleration as "not bad".

The players appeared to enjoy the cars' rear-wheel-drive handling too - having fun hustling them around some cones in the training ground car park.

The two Citroens will help the team get from their training ground in Hertfordshire to the Emirates Stadium in North London – a round trip of around 35 miles, perfectly manageable on the cars' quoted ranges.

With small dimensions, space for four adults plus luggage and a nine metre turning circle, the cars make a surprisingly good fit for the job – slotting into the busy London traffic with ease.

Arsenal should enjoy the savings on entering central London too – with the electric C-Zero benefiting from Congestion Charge exemption.

"The team can commute from the training ground to the pitch, save lots of money and reduce their carbon footprint immeasurably," said Willson.

That should go some way, at least, to reducing the size of the carbon footprints left by the players' usual modes of transport...
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