Women admit to 'parking phobias'

They may roll their eyes at the jokes and protest when their other half turns backseat driver, but a new report has revealed that women really do struggle to park.

women admit to 'parking phobias'
women admit to 'parking phobias'

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In a survey, by the AA, nearly a third of women confessed to changing their destination in order to avoid a parallel parking nightmare and many "blacklisting" certain roads or car parks in a bid to avoid tricky manoeuvres.

Overall, one in six drivers, both male and female, said they lacked confidence - but the gender split revealed that it female drivers are more likely to get in a parallel parking panic.

The report said: "Parallel parking is causing drivers across the country to doubt their skills with one in six (16 per cent) saying they are not confident performing the manoeuvre.

"But there is a big gender split in the figure with a shocking 25 per cent of female drivers saying they lack the confidence to parallel park, compared to 11 per cent of men."

Though the boys weren't without their parking fears, women were more likely to suffer with what the AA called "a plague of parking phobias".

Drivers in the East of England turned out to be the least confident when it came to parallel parking, with more than one in five lacking confidence in the ability to manoeuvre, while Londoners had far fewer worries in that department, just 14 per cent admitting to parking confidence issues.

The AA added: "This issues with parking confidence is affecting the lives of many motorists as nearly one in five (19 per cent) say they have changed plans at the last minute because they lacked the confidence or skills to park in the spaces available."

Previous studies have suggested that men are better parkers thanks to the way their brains are "wired".

Do you have a 'parking phobia'? Have you changed your driving plans in order to avoid tricky manoeuvring? Leave your comments below...