Toyota recalls over new safety fears

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Hot on the heels of a safety recall just a few weeks ago, Toyota has been contacting more customers about another potential safety problem with more of its models.

So what is the problem, and who is affected?



This recall is related to a tow bar, which was an optional extra on some models, including the Avensis, Previa and Lexus GS. Those who may be affected will receive a letter from customer services informing them that: "We have found that there might be a possibility that if an accessory tow bar has been fitted to your vehicle it may develop a crack. In the worst case this could result in the tow ball fracturing."

Customers are assured that there are no reported accidents or injuries as a result of the problem, and that if they have a tow bar on their car, they should take it to their local dealer, who will replace it free of charge.

Oddly, unlike the other major recall this month, Toyota is trying to keep this one under the radar. There is no information on the website, and when I contacted the only UK call centre, I was informed that no-one in the UK would be able to provide any information. The call centre employee merely said that everyone who might be affected would receive a letter.

Latest in a long line

It hasn't been a great month for Toyota, which this month also announced its biggest recall for 16 years - of 7.43 million cars worldwide, because of safety fears relating to the main electrical switch for the windows. The concern was that the switch could feel uneven over time, and if commercially available lubricants were used on it, they could lead to overheating of the switch.

In that particular recall 138,000 UK cars were brought back to have the switches modified. It affected some RAV4, Auris, Yaris and Corolla cars built between September 2006 and December 2008.

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Toyota recalls over new safety fears

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