It's official: Women admit they can't park

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It's official: Women admit they cannot park.

A new survey by AA/Populus has found a quarter of women admit they lack confidence when it comes to the tricky parallel parking manoeuvre.
And when faced by a tricky space, women are twice as likely as men to change their parking plans.

However, the subject of parallel parking is a national one with one in six saying they had problems.

But the headline news is the gender split: 25 per cent of females say they are not confident. That compares to 11 per cent of men.

Londoners are the most confident when it comes to quickly parking in a parallel space, while motorists in the east of England are the most nervous.

As many as 25 per cent of motorists deliberately avoid roads they know will cause them problems when it comes to parking.

And 29 per cent admit they avoid tricky car parks too.

AA Driving School managing director, Jim Kirkwood, said: "Parking problems are causing a needless headache for a big proportion of UK drivers.

"Avoiding certain roads and car parks because you don't think you have the skills to park in them, let alone changing plans at the last minute after a parking drama, highlights a skills gap that can easily be addressed.

"Drivers should not feel they are beyond help - most people can overcome their driving problems with a little professional tuition and guidance."
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