It'll take more than a storm to put off a Morgan owner


Amid the chaos and destruction created by Hurricane Sandy, one American has managed to have a good time.

Rally driver Alex Roy recently took delivery of his shiny new Morgan Three Wheeler, becoming the first American to import one of the quirky sports cars from Britain.
He took the opportunity to take his Moggie for a spin through the streets of New York... during the beginnings of Hurricane Sandy.

Judging by the photos posted on his Facebook page, Roy came head-on with the carnage caused by Sandy. The pictures show a fallen tree blocking his route.

Hours later the city experienced the full-force of the hurricane, with much of the region now being referred to as a "wasteland".

But Roy is well-known for having balls of steel. He's a famous rally driver who won the prized spirit of Gumball rally trophy in 2006. Roy is also well-known for his exploits in American sports car racing, and he's also president of a car rental business.

That's not forgetting him holding a transcontinental record for driving across the USA in 31 hours and four minutes.

Since it being released last year, the Morgan Three Wheeler has been a great success for the Malvern-based sports car maker.

With styling dating back to the 1930s, the Three Wheeler has attracted interest from countries around the world.

Prices start at around £30,000.

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