Can you beat Orange free broadband cancellation?

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There is new hope for those Orange customers who discovered in August that they would have their free broadband cancelled. The company announced changes to the offer, which means they need to pay £14 a month for a landline in order to keep their broadband. However, some customers claim they are being allowed to keep their deal for nothing.

So how did they do it?


In August, Orange announced a change to its free broadband offer. Previously it was free to customers with a mobile phone contract who signed up between October 2006 and the end of 2009. Now it is still free, but they have to pay for Orange landline rental - at a cost of around £14 month.

A number of forums have reported a major backlash - including the Daily Mail and Moneysavingexpert. There are those who are mid-way through a contract who understood that the free broadband would last for the lifetime of the contract, who suddenly find themselves much worse off.

Some have produced letters and documents which seem to show that Orange had promised the deal for as long as they remained Orange customers - although these have not yet been verified.

Keep the deal

They say there have also been a number of customers who have been allowed to keep their broadband free of charge. The Daily Mail cited one reader who threatened legal action, and has had his free broadband restored for the last 15 months of the contracts. The company also gave him £250 compensation after over 40 calls and emails complaining about the changes.

Orange insists that the limited time deal is finished, that it always retained the right to withdraw the offer, and that the new rules will apply to all customers.

However, there are clearly exceptions being made for those making the most fuss. The question is whether you have the time and energy to make life difficult enough, and the proof to take the company to court if necessary. If so, you could get to keep your free broadband.

But what do you think it, is the fight worth it? Let us know in the comments.
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