Ash tree crisis could affect classic British sports car maker

Ash fungus may cause problem for Morgan sports cars
Production of classic Morgan sports cars could be affected by the crisis facing British ash trees, according to reports.

The Daily Mail, among other newspapers, reported today that the famous Worcestershire-based manufacturer might have to look at reviewing its production techniques because of the problem.
Imports of foreign ash trees to the UK were halted on Monday amid fears that a disease affecting the species in the south and east of England could spread to other parts of the country.

Ash is used in the frames of Morgan cars, and according to the company's website, provides strength and flexibility as well as enhanced levels of safety for occupants.

AOL tried to contact managing director Charles Morgan for a comment this afternoon, but a company spokeswoman would only say that there had been an element of 'over-reaction' in the media and that a statement would be posted on the company's website later.

Ash trees in eastern England have been gravely affected by "ash dieback fungus". More than 100,000 trees have been felled in a bid to stop the disease spreading.

Coverage of the crisis today revolved around reports that the government was warned several years ago that trouble was on the way but failed to act. And the Forestry Commission has warned that trees in the UK are facing an unprecedented level of foreign pests and diseases at the moment, with the ash issue only part of a wider problem.

Morgan's operations director Steve Morris told the Mail that the company might be affected: "If the supply of ash dries up, it could mean a 100-year turnaround in our techniques. It is possible that we would have to look at other types of wood," he was quoted as saying.
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