Renault Twizy: Now with windows!

Twizy: Now with windowsRenault

Renault has spared a thought for Twizy owners this winter.

The French firm has added windows to the options list of its all-electric Twizy!
Renault is touting the "window system" to be "winter-proof" and can be fitted in a matter of minutes.

The windows, which fix onto the Twizy's gullwing doors, cost "just" £295 including VAT.

They are made up of a metal frame which attaches to the door and a flexible, transparent window which fastens to the frame by means of a zip.

But surely the window will make it impossible to reach through and open the door?

Don't worry – Renault has thought of that too, as the windows feature an opening in them, allowing the transparent panel to be opened or closed.

Two slits in the panel – one at the front and the other at the rear – ensure a sufficient flow of air to prevent the inside misting up.

Renault dealers will sell you the windows from the end of November – so hopefully temperatures won't tumble so badly between now and then.

The window system is just one of an array of options available on the all-electric Twizy – which comes in three trim levels, with prices starting £6,690. Monthly battery hire starts at £45 including VAT.
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