'31% admit doctoring taxi expenses'

TaxiAlmost one in three employees routinely defraud their employers and top up their monthly pay either by adding extra to their taxi bills or claiming for taxi journeys that are not business-related, according to a survey.

Research of 1,000 employees who regularly use taxis for work-related travel found that almost a quarter (23%) will routinely ask for a blank receipt so they can add a few extra pounds before submitting their expenses claim.
One in ten (10%) admit going a step further and filling in claims for taxi journeys that have nothing whatsoever to do with work. Some 31% of workers admit doing either one or both, the study for expense management company Spendvision found.

Employees in the North East are most likely to doctor their claims, with 45% filling in blank taxi receipts with inflated fares or making claims for personal journeys. The North West is a close second with 44%, while workers from the East Midlands are more likely to play things by the book, at 22%.
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